Our Goal

Deeply rooted with high importance in our mission statement is key goals that we look to work towards.

We hope to do our part in achieving the following:

  •  Roidless has a mission to challenge and abolish the central dogma and misinformation that surrounds the industries farcical ‘fitness’ label.
  • We aim to be at the forefront of the natural-bodybuilding industry in regards to positively promoting honest, unique, entertaining and insightful content on training and diet. We will present this for understanding to both the beginner and pro.

  • To provide services for both men and women of any age and ability for fat loss, strength & muscle gain and athletic performance.

  • Through our services  we seek to help individuals identify and find their cause, reach their specific goals identified, while achieving only the best results.

  • We aim to synthesise the requisite science in an objective manner for practical application that will apply to the individual trainee.

  • We strive to promote drug-free, raw bodybuilding as one of the most legitimately athletic (hence our name) and exciting sports in the world, to help it gain more prominence internationally.

  • To satisfy aim six (above) we must promote bodybuilding, as a legitimate sport aligned with other high-level sports.