About Me

Welcome to ROIDLESS. The online bodybuilding and fitness site for the natural athlete! Training videos, diet plans, bodybuilding competitions, products and much more.

I am Carl Benjamin and I am a natural bodybuilder/power lifter with over 12 years’ experience. Qualified personal trainer and competitor of 2 Natural body building competitions. You only need to watch my videos to see how dedicated I am to natural training and mind connections. I want to give you the opportunity to enter my world and create your own journey of achievements you never knew were possible. At Roidless fitness we believe it, we see it and we train it.

Join now and enter a world of natural training from programmes, videos, eating plans, shopping and much more. I am Carl Benjamin, I am Roidless.

What will Roidless do for me?

I’ll teach you how to build muscle without the use of steroids or unnatural substances. I have absolutely nothing against steroid users, I just prefer drug-free bodybuilding.

I have never taken steroids and never will, although I have been accused of taking them.

People are very quick to jump to conclusion that someone is on the steroids, just because their body is better than the average person.

My gains came from years of hard workouts and learning what works and what doesn’t.

And sure enough, through daily lifting and eating properly, I eventually transformed my physique. If I can do it, then so can you! You just have to stick to your workout routines.

If you want something bad enough, you have to be prepared to work hard to get it. Nothing significant in life will be handed to you, useless you work for it.

If something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

I know I’m not huge like a lot of bodybuilders and if I did use steroids I’m sure my body would look just as good as the pros. But as you can see I’m bigger than most natural body builders.

It’s about how you can attain an impressive physique through hard work and a clean diet. No shortcuts, no cheating, just hard work and dedication.

I’m going to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible so that even beginners will learn what it takes to go out and reap similar results to mine.

Doing this naturally, how is it that some people can achieve this look and some people need to cheat?

Most pro bodybuilders will tell you it took them years to get in shape. Building muscle takes hard work, both in and out of the gym. There is no magic pill or drug that’s going to turn you into a genetic freak overnight.

That’s why most beginners give up quickly. They might train hard for about six months to a year, and when they fail to get the body they desire, they start hating on  – “natural bodybuilders”, out of sheer jealousy or frustration.

I always laugh when I read comments on social media with guys mocking other guys because they have better physiques.

If only these doubters and haters were there to experience the amount of effort natural body builders have to go through in order to look the way they do, maybe it would shut them up and possibly inspire them to do the same.

Drug-free bodybuilding – can you build muscle naturally?

Yes, of course. All you need is a proper weight training program, nutrition, and the determination to succeed regardless of any obstacles.

You don’t even need to take supplements if you are getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet.

There are very few companies who are honest and reliable. I’m not trying to make false claims. I will just keep it simple and try to teach you what has helped me get in shape.

I just try to give you what you need to know, without all the unnecessary BS, just keep it simple and try to teach what I know has helped me get in shape.

Hell, you don’t even have to take my advice, but at least, I am showing you everything that has helped me get in shape.

If you are a beginner or someone who has failed to gain muscle at the gym, here’s my advice to you.

Find a good workout program, train hard and don’t give up. Eat the right food and learn from other guys who are clearly in great shape, or from somebody who has a positive reputation in the bodybuilding industry.